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Completely revised version, microcontroller controlled and with high ease of use.

Code Reading System EOK CC

Computer-controlled code reading and inspection system suitable for use in packaging processes.

Code Reading System EOK CC

Equipped with up to 8 high-precision scanning heads, the system scans a variety of pharmacodes during code transport. These signals are captured and evaluated electronically. If the recognized code matches the reference code pre-set by operator input or teach-in, the corresponding outputs are set and the reading results are transferred to the integrated shift register. The EOK-CC is operated interactively by means of a membrane keypad and graphic LED display. All input parameters remain in storage even if a power failure occurs (a backup battery is not required!). Operating mode and various default settings can be preselected for each of the 8 inputs by defining format parameters. 

The scanning heads can execute various reference codes and operating modes for monitoring the product packaging. When packaging a product in cartons, scanning head 1 checks the pharmacode printed on the carton flap, scanning heads 2 and 3 check the codes at the top and bottom of the instruction leaflet and a fourth scanning head checks the quantity of printing ink used for the printed batch code and/or expiry date.

The system combines these reading results and any additional information entered in the shift register via additional inputs. Having done this, it activates various ejector units by means of the integrated shift register. Alternatively, outputs may also be set directly after the code is recognized or at the end of a reading gate or the like.


Special Features
  • Up to 8 scanning heads for separate codes or special functions such as inspection of printing ink quantity for printed batch code or expiry date
  • Pharmacodes up to 20 characters in length and other barcodes on request
  • Code reading for pharmacode movement speeds up to 100 m/min
  • 100 formats can be saved to PC card (without battery)
  • Menu guidance, graphical reading results display, etc. on LC display
  • Integrated shift register with many additional features
  • Optional code reading wand for setpoint code input
  • Direct ejector control with countercheck or link to machine controller
  • Fault sequence error evaluation
  • Absolutely reliable inspection system
  • Simple menu-driven operation via display and membrane keypad
  • High code speed travel
  • Easy-to-read results display
  • Also suitable for retrofitting
Scanning Head
  1. Compact, Laser, IP 67
  2. Easy and secure fastening
  3. Reading distance 100 +/–20 mm
  4. Modern, reliable electronics
  5. Function display by LED
  6. Case dimensions approx. 40 x 25 x 12 mm
Electronic Evaluation Unit
  1. Slide-in case in size 19“/63 U/3 U
  2. Graphic LC display and membrane keypad
  3. Menu language German or English
  4. Outputs pnp, 24 V/0.3 A, Short-circuit-proof, Selectable polarity
  5. Power supply 110/220 – 240 VAC/47 - 400 Hz/1 A and 24 VDC stabilized for outputs

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